The Bridge Event April 2019

When: Monday, April 1st, 2019 | 7 – 9:30 PM
Where: Ripley-Grier Studios | 520 8th Ave, New York, NY 10018 | 16th Floor, Room 16L

What if you could move through the obstacles that are limiting your success and the life you truly desire?

Is “domestication” draining your Life Force? You may not know what it is or how it keeps you from breaking free to be your true self and live the life you came to embrace. Without the Primal fire that burns within each man, we are destined to be ruled by our “old story”, the one that keep us restricted and safe.

The Hero’s Journey is the path inward to face our fears and demons. For those who venture, it is a life of self-discovery and freedom form the past, the old story.

Your Life is Your Hero’s Journey; why not take a map along!

For an introduction to the culturally-universal archetypal, mythological and psychological calls to self-discovery, as observed and documented by Joseph Campbell, see this excerpt of the documentary Finding Joe.

In this workshop, we’ll explore the following themes
The Power of Shadow • Archetypal Energy • Sacred Masculine

When: Monday, April 1st, 2019 | 7 – 9:30 PM
Where: Ripley-Grier Studios | 520 8th Ave, New York, NY 10018 | 16th Floor, Room 16L

Registration and for Information: Vincenzo Falone | vinfalone@aol.com | 862-812-5303
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Space limited to 30 men, are you one of them?

Your Facilitators

Scott Fried

Scott Fried is a health educator, international public speaker, and has touched many through his lectures on diverse topics, publications, and humanitarian work. He is an author and an adjunct professor at Colby College.

He has devoted the past twenty years of his life lecturing in nearly every state in this country, as well as Israel, England, Canada, Holland and Honduras, reaching more than a million people.

Lenny Izzo

Lenny Izzo

Dr. Len Izzo, Chiropractor, has been in practice facilitating, coaching mentoring thousands of individuals through the journey of healing and transformation since 1980.

He has provided a leadership role through MKP since 92′ and continues to fiercely support men through their personal Hero’s Journey and the stages of male initiation.

His healing center’s mantra of “If any are bound, none are Free” speaks to the passion he continues to bring to this field of personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Paul Newell

Paul Newell

Paul Newell is a consultant and well-being guide who works with individuals, small businesses and communities.

His career has been about helping others achieve their best. He has conducted workshops, taught classes, and has hosted events to promote wise lifestyle habits and changes to overcome preventable diseases and personal blocks.

Paul founded NeWellness and Balanced Wellness as a way to educate himself and others on the best tools to take care of their body, mind and soul to heal themselves.

Vince Falone

Vince Falone

Vince Falone, CST, Certified Co Leader in Mankind Project, L.I.F.E. (live in full expression) facilitator for personal growth and empowerment, certified Craniosacral Therapist, co-founder of Center for Relaxation and Healing in Chatham NJ.

Personal Mission: I create a vibrant abundant world by inspiring teaching challenging blessing and listening.