Comprising all of New York City, Long Island, and Connecticut, the New York Metro MKP community is as diverse as one would assume having visited the Big Apple. From teenagers to octogenarians, Black, White, Indian, Korean, Jewish, Hispanic and many more, the men of the New York Metro community are arguably the most diverse MKP population in the project. We pride ourselves on our strong multi-cultural initiatives and assorted ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds.

Our current group vision, under the leadership of our new Center Director, Jon Wilson, centers on the future leaders of our community, as special emphasis has been placed on mentoring junior and mid-level staffers to rise through the ranks to become LITs, CLCs, and Leaders – something our community has fewer of compared to most communities. Another emphasis in our community is around recruiting younger Leaders to serve on NWTAs sponsored by the New York Metro community. By modeling what powerful leadership looks like from Co-Leaders in their 20s and 30s, we intend for our growing “Young Warrior” community to thrive in their service as New Warriors within the organization and in their lives outside of MKP.